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Dear friends,

This is all about The Kingdom on planet earth. Religion prepares man to leave earth; the Kingdom empowers man to dominate earth. Religion focuses on Heaven; the Kingdom focuses on earth. Religion wants to escape earth; the Kingdom impacts, influences and changes earth. Religion seeks to take earth to Heaven; the Kingdom seeks to bring Heaven to earth. The secret to a full and fulfilled life is discovery, understanding, and application of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Religion postpones the Kingdom to a future experience. But you must remember that you cannot appropriate what you postpone. God’s desire for you is that you enter the Kingdom life now and experience, explore, apply, practice, and enjoy living with the benefits, promises, and privileges of Heaven on earth. Let the adventure begin! Enjoy it! Read more >>>>

Let My people go! The ministry of deliverance. Our Lord Jesus is more than a Savior, He is also our Deliverer. Many of God’s people (the Church) are living in captivity, because a leg of knowledge of their true identity in Christ. Alive Ministries South Africa provides practical, free out of print biblically teachings & studies by which church and ministry leaders discover their true identity in Christ and are able to lead their people out of captivity into freedom, so that those ministries become healthy healing places making a powerful impact for Christ on their communities. Thus says the LORD God of Israel: ‘Let My people go, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness (Exodus 5:1). We will have a feast, within the spiritual Kingdom of God, in occupied territory, called the earth. Hallelujah! Read more >>>>

Kind regards,
Alive Ministries South Africa